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Amy <small>Veterinary Technician</small>
Amy Veterinary Technician

Amy joined our team in the spring of 2005.  She studied pre-vet for 2 years at Northern Michigan University and plans on making a career in veterinary medicine as a veterinary technician.  Amy’s interests include camping, hiking, movies, reading and cooking.  She has at home a 2 yellow Labs named Dakota (4 yrs) and Scout (1 1/2 yrs) and 2 cats named Furball (9 yrs) and Riley (10 yrs).

D.J. <small>Office Manager</small>
D.J. Office Manager

I was born and raised in Idaho. I have traveled all over when I was a younger and never found a place like Boise. I would not move for anything. I have two dogs, a Lab named Bella, a dachshund named Miss, and lastly the queen of the house my Persian cat named Priscilla.

Jeanette <small>Kennel Attendant</small>
Jeanette Kennel Attendant

I am a widow of nine years and have two amazing grown daughters and three grand kids. I have worked in the animal care for 25 plus years. This has given me three cats and two little dogs that I can not imagine living without.

Cathy <small>Receptionist</small>
Cathy Receptionist

I’m a grandmother of four beautiful grand children. I love to take them camping, hiking and telling stories around the campfire. Have been working in the veterinary field most of my life. I started in Hawaii many, many, years ago told to continue when I was going to come back home to Idaho.


Born in Texas and moved to Colorado where my love for animals came from rescuing injured wildlife and nursing them back to health to be released. In 1998, I moved to Idaho and now have three boys, two dogs and one cat. My love of caring for animals has continued to become my profession.

Katie <small>Receptionist</small>
Katie Receptionist

I’m originally from Virginia. My husband, Michael and myself, have two female huskies named Kiamiah and Nymeria, also we have a cat named Happy. We love camping and exploring new places and binge watching TV shows.

Joan <small>Receptionist</small>
Joan Receptionist

I am a single mom of two amazing children, Nick and Alexa, I started here at Pet’s First on 1/2/2018 after 11 ½ years at the local school district. I went from working with human children to caring for your fuzzy children, I love it so much. My day is not complete with a little dog drool.

Alex <small>Kennel Attendant</small>
Alex Kennel Attendant

Bio coming soon!

Emalee <small>Veterinarian Technician</small>
Emalee Veterinarian Technician

Bio coming soon!

Connner <small>Veterinarian Technician</small>
Connner Veterinarian Technician

I moved from southern California in 2015. I have three cats and six brand new kittens. I love hiking and floating the river. I believe I have finally found my passion in the vet industry.