Dentistry Services

We offer comprehensive dental services

here at Pets First Animal Clinic

  • State of the art human-grade dental machines which can clean the teeth ultrasonically with sound waves similar to what is seen at a human dentist’s office. These dental machines can also polish the teeth at high velocity to remove imperfections in the surface of the tooth.
  • High speed dental drills which can quickly and safely aid in the removal of infected or rotted teeth. This helps to minimize anesthetic time for your dog or cat dramatically
  • Digital dental x-ray radiography. The images created by this high-end machine are very useful in helping the veterinarian and technician to find diseases below the gum line including root damage, decay of bone and even some dental cancers.
  • Extensive dental continuing education learning has been done by the doctors to stay up to date on the latest techniques and skills needed to perform dog dentistry’s and cat dentistry’s.
  • Pain management for dogs and cats following extractions or growth removals from patient’s oral cavities

examining cats teeth